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You are welcome to contact the thirukadaiyur temple senior priest son for marriage booking, queries, etc.
Mr. T.V. SundharaMoortthy Gurukkal residense is located infront of the temple.

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Abirami amman temple is located inside the AmirthaKadeswar temple south side. Amman facing toward east. The 'New' Moon Abirami Battar lived during the rule of King Serfoji (Sarabhoji). He was completely devoted to the Consort of Amritaghateswarar, Abirami. He would sit in meditation and in the blissful state of trance for hours - sometimes days - together in the presence of the Mother. King Serfoji, who had visited the temple, saw this temple priest, who was lost in himself and did not even stand up as an elementary mark of respect to the King. Abirami Battar was at that moment meditating and was immersed in the vision of the luminous visage of the Divine Mother. The king was annoyed with Battar for not showing the respects due to him and enquired about him with the persons standing close by. Unfortunately, he was told that 'this fellow' was a fraud. The King then approached Abirami Battar and asked him for the tithi (lunar day) of that day. It was new moon day. Since the mind of Abirami Battar was filled with the luminescent vision of the Mother, he - even without opening his eyes - said that it was full moon day. The King was angered by this answer and he thought that he had a clue to the 'true bearings' of this fraud. 'If there is no full moon rising this evening,' he warned Battar, 'you will be put to death.' Abirami Battar was told what had happened only after he opened his eyes after a long time, from his meditation. Poetry, evocative, moving and having the power to melt the hearts of all, flowed from him right from that moment. He sang a hundred verses in praise of Abirami. The verses are known as Abirami Antadhi, a unique kind of poetry that begins with the last foot - or a portion of it - of the previous verse. And the last foot of the last verse would end with the first foot of the first line of first verse. The Mother took Her earring and threw it in the sky. That shone in the sky brighter than the full moon. King Serfoji realised the greatness of Abirami Battar. Despite the refusal of Battar, he had documented his command on copper plates to donate one-hundredth part of his revenue from all villages to him and his successors. The copper plate is still in possession of the successors of Abirami Battar. There are three temple tanks - Theertham - known as 'Amrita Pushkarini', 'Kaala Theertham' and 'Maarkandeya Theertham'. The worship services are offered six times a day in the temple. Almost every day dawns with one celebration or other, as hundreds of pilgrims throng the temple to celebrate their 60th or 80th birthdays. The annual 'Brahmotsavam' is celebrated in the month of Chithirai (April-May); the 'Shankhabishekam' celebrated in the month of Kartikai (November-December) is also of great importance here. Few other festivals celebrated over here include Navaratri and 'Aadi Pooram'. You can get distance between mysore and coorg at the travel distance calculator.

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