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You are welcome to contact the thirukadaiyur temple senior priest son for marriage booking, queries, etc.
Mr. T.V. SundharaMoortthy Gurukkal residense is located infront of the temple.

T.V. SundharaMoortthy Gurukkal Mobile-09443225345 TelePhone-04364 287844
Abirami Pattar’s name was Subramaniam. Since he got the grace of goddess Abirami the king Saraboji named him as Abirami Pattar.

Every year during the Tamil month of thai during the new moon day Abirami Pattar festival is celebrated at Thirukadaiyur even nowadays.

Abirami Pattar’s father was Amirthalinga aiyar. His son was called Subramaniyam who was later called as Abirami Pattar. Abirami Pattar’s son was also named Amirthalinga aiyer. After him it was Ramaiya and then it was Subramanian. Their successor today is Narayanasami aiyer’s son Amrita Barathi. It seems his age as of now is 70 and he doesn’t have any issues.

Abirami Pattar wrote the following

1. Abirami anthathi (100+1+1 songs total) 2. KaLLavaranar pathigam - 10 songs 3. Amirthakadeswarar pathigam - 10 songs 4. Kala samhara moorthy pathigam - 10 songs 5. Murugu venba - 10 songs 6. Abirami ammai pathigam - 22 songs

King Saraboji not only gave the name “Abirami Pattar” but also lands, gold and also a surname “barathi” for Abirami Pattar’s generations.

Abirami Pattar had always remained aloof and received hatred from the temple priests and officials in his earlier days.

The 70 year old successor of Abirami Pattar living today, Amrita Barathi was also born on the Tamil month of thai during new moon day. His birth star is thiruvonam.

Madhavi, the second heroine in the story silapathigaram, with whom Kovalan had an affair, was also born in Thirukadaiyur. Today Madhavi’s house is used as panchayath office.

There is also an olden vaishnavite temple in Thirukadaiyur. The gods in this temple are Amrita Narayanar and Amrita Valli.

The fourth house in the street “melvalaga theru” is where Abirami Pattar lived. This house was later bought by Sivaprakasa Desikar which is used by none and remains locked even today.

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