Thirukadaiyur Story

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Mr. T.V. SundharaMoortthy Gurukkal residense is located infront of the temple.

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Many years ago in South India there was one devotee of Goddess Abirami called Subramanian in Tirukkadaiyur, Tamilnadu. He had deep devotion towards the Mother, indulging in doing Pooja i.e., showering of flowers at the feet of others imagining that they are the goddess of Abirami. The deep love he had on this goddess made him to assume the other living females are none but goddess Abirami.

One day King Saraboji visited the temple when devotee Subramanian was meditating about Goddess Abirami. The king was provoked seeing subramanian’s ignorance about the king’s arrival. The king asked who that fellow was. One man told that he was mad thinking the other ladies as Amman and used to shower flowers on them. The priest told no! He was a deep devotee of Goddess Abirami.

The king wanted to test who he is. So he asked Subramanian whether today is new moon day or full moon day. At that time Subramanian was in eternal bliss of universal mother enjoying mother’s beautiful face surrounded with thousands of sun lights. So Subramanian answered the king that the day was full moon which was actually a new moon day. Hence the king ordered to push him in burning fire at evening 6 ‘o’ clock if the moon didn’t appear.

After sometime, the king’s army awakened Subramanian and called him to come with them, to fulfill the punishment. Returning to his consciousness, Subramanian realized that Goddess Abirami alone made him to say it was a full moon day when it was really a new moon day.

Burning Fire with rays is beneath him and Subramanian was on the top, inch by inch moving down by the forces. Realizing that Amman alone can save him, he started singing 100 songs on Abirami (the so called Abirami Anthathi) and prayed her to come to his rescue.

While singing the 79th song stating that Her merciful eyes have got superpower and she is an ocean of blessing with no limits. Immediately Annai Abirami appeared before him and threw her ear-ring in the sky which appeared as moon for full night.

The king was immensely pleased on his devotion and honored him by calling him Abirami Pattar and became a disciple to Abirami Pattar.

What we come to know from this is that god alone is all pervading superpower and immortal. All other worldly creatures are not perennial. If you are really interested to see Him you are supposed to do meditation and prayers that too in the early morning ie. morning 3 am to 5 am. God is great.

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